The application process - first post

I have now been working as an intern for Raw Bite the past 3 weeks.

I was familiar with Raw Bite in advance, as I know one of the owners (Morten Fullerton).

The idea was to get an internship placement at Wellcome Fitness since Morten has a contact there.

However, Morten asked me wether I was interested in doing my intership period at Raw Bite, which started the process.

So, after meeting up with Morten and the two other owners (Rolf & Nikolaj) a couple of times, they accepted to take me in as an intern for 8 weeks.

My primary learning objectives are as follows:

  • Teaching tennis players about nutrition, training and restitution.
  • Do qualitative interviews with Raw Bite’s sponsored athletes
  • Gain insight and knowledge about Raw Bite as a company

I’ll cut my post off here so I won’t bore you to death but once I get a hang of blogging they will pop up more regularly (I hope)

For now here’s a picture of the guys at Raw Bte