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Rawbite is a Danish company producing organic fruit & nut bars that are gluten and lactose-free and with no added sugar. The office is located in Gentofte, just north of Copenhagen.

In 2011 Rawbite was awarded “Food Product of the Year” by the Danish Health Stores Industry. 

Furthermore, Rawbite is selected as the only food bar in the field rations of the Danish Defence. 

These are the 6 bars they are currently selling (the field rations for the army contains an abricot bar)

The philosophy of Rawbite is that it should be easy to eat healthy and most importantly, it should taste fantastic.


Rawbite has a storage at the office from where they distribute to the danish stores selling the Rawbites.

They then have distributors in 15 different countries which recieves the wares directly from the production site in the Czech Republic.

These are the countries where Rawbite is currently represented


If you want to look more into their products you can go to www.rawbite.eu or check out their facebook page by searching for RawBite (and like it while you’re there) :)